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Is the Perfecter Really…Perfect?

The Perfecter is simply PERFECT!!


The Perfecter Fusion Styler is simply the most perfect hair styling tool out there! Finally something that will replace all the other styling stuff that has been stealing space under my sink. I’ve been able to toss out my curling iron, straightening iron, my round brushes and hot rollers.


The perfecter is a hair styling tool that resembles a toothed curling iron but it does so much more. You can use it to add fullness to flat short styles or to smooth out long frizzy curls. It will transform your hair in mere minutes. Plus, it never gets hot to the touch so you can use both hands to style.


I will never buy another hair styling tool again! The Perfecter does it all.


Does Fusion Juicer Work?

If you are ready to take the leap into juicing then look no further than the Fusion Juicer. This innovative, state-of-the art juicer instantly converts your whole fruits and vegetables into healthy, antioxidant packed juices that will add vitality and energy to your life.


The Fusion Juicer’s sleek model is whisper quiet, dishwasher safe, features a non-drip spout and has an extra-wide chute to accommodate large fruits and vegetables without having to cut them up.


The Fusion Juicer is the perfect companion piece to your healthy lifestyle.


Aqua Rug? The Answer to Your Bath Mat Dreams!

I know I’m not alone in getting frustrated with bath mats, those “no slip” rubber things you put in the shower and other such items you might use in your bathroom or by your pool.


Finally I found Aqua Rug! It’s completely awesome and not at all like a traditional bath mat.


Traditional bath mats and rubber mats for the shower get yucky, dirty, filled with mildew and moldy. Once the bath mat starts to get dingy it seems no amount of washing will save it and inevitably it gets tossed and replace. So annoying!


But I’ll never have that issue again now that I’ve discovered Aqua Rug. Aqua Rug is the first quality carpet that is specifically made for your shower, bath, pool side, essentially anywhere that it gets wet or damp.


It’s uniquely designed to allow water to pass right through it. It’s also stain, mildew, bacteria and fade resistant! The no-slip backing allows Aqua Rug to stay put for safety. Plus it’s made to never wear out!  It even comes with a 10 year guarantee!


Seriously, what more can you ask for? With Aqua Rug I will never have to buy another bath mat again and neither will you!


X-Step – What is H.I.T. Training?

New to the workout world is the X-Step High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) program. It competes with the best and is great to do at any fitness level. You get everything form the X-Step itself, a nutrition plan, X-Cords for resistance, a digital trainer, 5 workouts plus 1 bonus workout, and access to a mobile app that has all the workouts and allows you to even create a playlist.


The X-Step H.I.T. program is a total body workout that combines compound moves, versatility, core stepping, air power, and adjustable resistance. In just 60 days you’ll see the results you want. The system gives you the intensity you need, leg strength and overall improved balance without jarring your joints. The air power allows you to work your hardest at any resistance level.


Each 30 minute workout is proven to take your workout to the max. Try it for yourself and you won’t regret it.


Silly Slippeez – A Slumber Party Must Have?

Silly Slippeez are great for kids of all ages. They pop to life every time they walk (or jump, because that’s what they’ll be doing) around. The fun characters include Sneaky Shark, Dizzy Dinosaur, Mr. Monster, Princess Kitty, Lucky Leopard, and Zany Zebra. They even glow in the dark. Not bad for a pair of fun slippers.


They’re also very comfortable for kids. It’s always hard to get kids to wear their slippers around the house but with Silly Slippeez it will be hard to get them out of them when you leave the house. Kids are even wearing them for sleepovers. They are a great birthday gift and something every kid will love! Go to for more info.


Warren Tricomi Absolute Frizz Control – Can’t Pass Up This Deal!

Wait… you have frizzy unmanageable hair too?! I knew I wasn’t the only one with this problem out there. But I’ve just discovered the answer to all my haircare problems. And yours too!


It’s called the Warren Tricomi Absolute Frizz Control. When I first saw it, I wondered if it could really control my hair. I hate that I can’t wake up in the morning and go, or wash my hair and wear as is. So I looked into it.


Does Absolute Frizz Control really work?

The real secret behind this keratin haircare system is something called biomimicry technology. It basically takes the natural processes of healthy hair and makes that happen to yours through natural ingredients. And there’s no harmful formaldehyde in it.


The best feature is that it seems so easy to apply! Just follow the simple directions that come with the kit and you’ll have smooth and silky hair. Here’s to hoping there’s no more morning waking up with your hair looking like a bird’s nest (and I know some of you out there know exactly what I’m talking about).


Oh and the kit… its come with everything you need to maintain your treatment for 60 days – the pre-treatment Clarify shampoo, keratin Absolute Frizz Control treatment, hydrating Condition conditioner, gentle Cleanse shampoo, and Protect blow-dry serum. They also send a FREE Warren Tricomi Pro Titianium flat iron. The flat iron can be used with the treatment or even just for every day use.


Ladies, if you experience the same problems I do with my hair, I suggest you try Warren Tricomi’s Absolue Frizz Control and let me know what you think. I know I can’t wait to try mine!


Milana Bra – Answering Your Questions

What's that? You haven't heard about the Milana Bra?

The Milana Bra is the latest addition to the As Seen on TV bra craze. It's similar to the Genie Bra - it doesn't have wires, it's seamless, and it doesn't have hooks or adjustable straps. But it also goes a few steps further...

Question: What is the real difference with the Milana Bra?

It adapts to your body for extra grip.
It comes in three different colors to match any outfit.
No visible lines and back fat is removed.
Lifts, supports and separates perfect for such beautiful, curvy figure.

As you probably know, I had to go to see if the company's Web site actually telling the truth. The difference is that in the details, instead of clips and tightened at strategic points the bra has no hooks or wires and conforms to your body. This is great if you happen to gain some weight. It aims to support the body in its natural form, and that makes it almost invisible under clothing or tight silk.

It can be used no matter what their size, whether you're big or small. This is what I found:

It may seem strange that you get three different colors, nude, white and black, so they will match your outfit depending on what you wear.

"The Milana Bra is perfect for when I go to work and then have a quick change to my little black dress, because it is invisible. Nobody wants ugly lines on the back or forearm with a bump. I feel a little better about of my appearance, so that you can now carry more things you normally avoid "

The Milana Bra ™ official website is better, cheaper and safer, and even comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Return it if you don't like it - how great it that?

It seems that the Milana Bra is good for your figure hugging and holding the excess skin at bay, but if there are additional confidence would be on a case by case basis.
Right, where I can get one then?

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