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Aqua Rug? The Answer to Your Bath Mat Dreams!

I know I’m not alone in getting frustrated with bath mats, those “no slip” rubber things you put in the shower and other such items you might use in your bathroom or by your pool.


Finally I found Aqua Rug! It’s completely awesome and not at all like a traditional bath mat.


Traditional bath mats and rubber mats for the shower get yucky, dirty, filled with mildew and moldy. Once the bath mat starts to get dingy it seems no amount of washing will save it and inevitably it gets tossed and replace. So annoying!


But I’ll never have that issue again now that I’ve discovered Aqua Rug. Aqua Rug is the first quality carpet that is specifically made for your shower, bath, pool side, essentially anywhere that it gets wet or damp.


It’s uniquely designed to allow water to pass right through it. It’s also stain, mildew, bacteria and fade resistant! The no-slip backing allows Aqua Rug to stay put for safety. Plus it’s made to never wear out!  It even comes with a 10 year guarantee!


Seriously, what more can you ask for? With Aqua Rug I will never have to buy another bath mat again and neither will you!

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  1. If anyone has hair in the household, well kiss the rug good buy. Its virtually impossible to get the “little hairs” you know what I mean, out. To put it in TV infomercial perspective, Short hair, long hair, your hair, my hair, not washing away.

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