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Milana Bra – Answering Your Questions

What's that? You haven't heard about the Milana Bra?

The Milana Bra is the latest addition to the As Seen on TV bra craze. It's similar to the Genie Bra - it doesn't have wires, it's seamless, and it doesn't have hooks or adjustable straps. But it also goes a few steps further...

Question: What is the real difference with the Milana Bra?

It adapts to your body for extra grip.
It comes in three different colors to match any outfit.
No visible lines and back fat is removed.
Lifts, supports and separates perfect for such beautiful, curvy figure.

As you probably know, I had to go to see if the company's Web site actually telling the truth. The difference is that in the details, instead of clips and tightened at strategic points the bra has no hooks or wires and conforms to your body. This is great if you happen to gain some weight. It aims to support the body in its natural form, and that makes it almost invisible under clothing or tight silk.

It can be used no matter what their size, whether you're big or small. This is what I found:

It may seem strange that you get three different colors, nude, white and black, so they will match your outfit depending on what you wear.

"The Milana Bra is perfect for when I go to work and then have a quick change to my little black dress, because it is invisible. Nobody wants ugly lines on the back or forearm with a bump. I feel a little better about of my appearance, so that you can now carry more things you normally avoid "

The Milana Bra ™ official website is better, cheaper and safer, and even comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Return it if you don't like it - how great it that?

It seems that the Milana Bra is good for your figure hugging and holding the excess skin at bay, but if there are additional confidence would be on a case by case basis.
Right, where I can get one then?

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